March 17, 2008

Dear Parent,

 Seriously? You don’t have fifteen minutes free in your schedule to attend a conference about your child?  When I sent the paper home with your appointment on it & you didn’t confirm, I figured you’d forgotten or were lazy. Whatever the case, I was cool with it. I still held the appointment for you.

 Yet I am now sitting here waiting for you (along with several other parents, actually) to show up to your child’s second trimester report card conference and you are too busy to come.

 I’m curious. What exactly is more important than your child today? Are you not concerned at how far he is falling behind or how, whenever she gets upset, she punches someone? This is not something that should bother you?

I did not ask you here to accuse or berate you. I asked you here so that we could discuss how best to ensure that your child is successful. In Kindergarten. In school. In life.

 I’m terribly sorry that you couldn’t be troubled to be here today. I hope everything works out for your kid.

 I just don’t understand,

Miss Pants


2 Responses to “parents”

  1. Sean Says:

    That’s lame. I’m sorry. But you can take solace in the fact that you’re doing the best you can, and that’s far more than most others.

    You should go somewhere and get your mind off things. I’d recommend a nice trip to the boat show, but I don’t know when that is.

  2. Hey, man, you gotta stop scheduling conferences for prime-crack distributing time.

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