the perfect drink

January 10, 2008

Dear 7up,

How could you? You created a product that was delightful and you only offered it for a limited time. I bought your Pomegranate flavor because, let’s face it, I’ll buy anything with the word “Pomegranate” on the label (soda, shampoo, fish bait…). Your delicious beverage even inspired me to create the world’s greatest cocktail!! Pomegranate 7up, Absolut Mandrin, and tangerine-orange juice. The perfect drink.

 Here’s my issue. You were supposed to have this shit available until the 31st of January.  I can no longer find it anywhere. By my calculations (and according to my calendar), today is the tenth.  What the hiz, 7up? What am I supposed to drink now?

 Bring it back, kid. Trust me, it’d be better for us both if you just do as I say.




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