blue hornet

November 27, 2007

Blue Hornet.

 you complete piece of shit.

Good Heavens, how i hate you. You son. of. a. bitch. You piece of shit, you go OUT OF YOUR WAY to remind me to reset my session when its about to expire, and i am supposed to get FIVE WHOLE MINUTES to renew said session before you log me out. You’re supposed to let me know, so that i don’t lose TWO FUCKING HOURS’ WORK on that damn mass e-mail i was working on! WHY IN GOD’S HOLY NAME DO YOU BOTHER TELLING ME TO RESET MY SESSION IF YOU”RE JUST GOING TO LOG ME OUT WITHOUT TELLING ME LATER?!?!?!?!?!????!??!!!? holy shit, IHATEYOUSOMUCHYOUPIECEOFGARBAGEFUUUUUUUCK!!!

sigh. damn you. this isn’t over, blue hornet. not by a looong fucking shot. they don’t call me scrappy for nothing. i am going to break your shit OFFFFFFF, mufucka!

watch your back,



One Response to “blue hornet”

  1. d. pants Says:

    i am so incredibly afraid of you sometimes. afraid of and amused by. what a combination.

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